Booley House

In ancient Ireland a booley house was a single room dwelling built of stone in remote mountain areas. It was a simple dwelling with a heather roof, a small window and a doorway. Small farmers who had herded their cattle from the lowlands to avail of the Summer grazing occupied these dwellings in the Summer months. Our ancestors built many of these booley Houses on nearby mountain ranges such as the Knockmealdowns and the Galtees.


The Show

The Booley House Show is proud to present the very best of Irish music, song and dance. Resident Seanachaí James Lenane is a well known personality, All-Ireland winner in his field, and is sure to have you laughing as he regales times past. The Booley House also includes the Michael Ryan School of Irish Dance, which encompass a wonderful range of original step dancing routines that always generate enthusiastic audience response. A number of former Booley House dancers from this school have continued to have successful careers performing in Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, and other well-known shows.


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